What to Expect at Your List with Orchard Consultation

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If you’ve already scheduled your consultation (and even if you haven’t yet), you may be wondering what to expect. How long will it take? And should you prepare anything for it?

Our virtual consultations are straightforward, no-obligation, and free. You don't need to prepare anything for it. In short, Orchard consultations are a great way to determine if working with us is right for you.

During the virtual consultation, you’ll meet with a senior member of our customer experience team and a licensed Orchard Listing Agent, who is an experienced home sales realtor in your area.

Typically completed in around 40 minutes, List with Orchard virtual consultations are broken into three parts:

  1. Meeting your Orchard team, including your Orchard Listing Agent
  2. Reviewing the List with Orchard service and how it works
  3. Discussing a recommended list price for your home and reviewing a market analysis that compares your home to similar homes in your area

Meeting your Orchard team

Prior to the consultation, you'll receive a calendar invite that includes a Zoom link you'll use to join the meeting. We recommend you connect from a laptop or tablet device. Don't worry if you're not familiar with Zoom or how to use it! Before the consultation begins, we'll call your phone directly in case you need a hand getting set up.

From there you'll meet your Orchard team, including your Orchard Listing Agent, who will ask to learn more about your home-selling goals. This is an opportunity for our team to better understand your timeline to sell and your expectations working with us. We'll also be interested to know if you plan to take or leave anything behind (such as appliances, treehouses, blinds, etc.).

Orchard’s service and how it works

Next, our team will discuss how our List with Orchard programs works, including how we'll help you set the right list price for your home, what goes into our comprehensive marketing plan, and how we will prepare and list your home for you.

If you’re not clear on a step or term, let our team know so they can clarify. This is the perfect time to get your questions answered. Understanding your goals is at the heart of this meeting so expect our team to ask you a lot of questions as well.

Discussing a recommended list price for your home

In advance of your consultation, your Orchard Listing Agent will have prepared a comparative market analysis (or a CMA) of your home to help you determine your list price. In this report, they’ll go over the initial and final sale price for recently sold homes with similar features, square footage, and location.

Based on this analysis and the results of your home assessment, your Listing Agent will walk you through their list price recommendation for your home, as well as current buyer and seller trends in your area. Determining the right listing price when you enter the market can make the difference between selling your home in a few weeks versus selling it in a few months.

Last, we'll share your instant equity amount (which serves as a back-up cash offer on your home), as well as important results from your home assessment, including any recommendations we have to get your home show-ready.

And that’s it!  

If you still have questions regarding the virtual consultation or if you've scheduled one and need to change your time for any reason, you can always contact our team at (844) 819-1373.

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