Why partner with Orchard

Boost sales & deal certainty

Stand out versus competition

Maximize buyer satisfaction

Certainty of closing

Orchard guarantees your buyers’ home sale, so you can sell homes faster without the risk of the contract falling through.

Shorter sales cycle

Orchard helps your buyers avoid closing delays by listing their old home after they've moved into their new one.

Savings for your buyers

By lining up their moving timeline, Orchard removes financial obstacles for your buyers, including double moves and mortgages.

Increased sales

Your buyers are more likely to seal the deal on a new build when they can dodge the stress of selling with Orchard’s help.

Orchard gives your clients both a guaranteed sale and 100% of their home sale proceeds. Want to learn more about partnership opportunities with Orchard?

To get started,
email us at builders@orchard.com

How it works

Your buyers will have a simple and stress-free experience moving into their dream new build.

1. Make a non-contingent offer

Your buyers can unlock their home equity even before listing, so they can make a non-contingent offer on their new home.

2. Line up transactions

Your buyers can stay in their current home until their new one is ready. Orchard will line up their new and old home closings.

3. No home showings

Once your buyers move into their new home, Orchard will list their old one on the market and take care of all showings.

4. Sell for top dollar

When your buyers’ home sells on the market, Orchard will give them the extra proceeds above their unlocked equity.

There’s No Comparison

Why choose between friendly service, a convenient sale, and the highest price for your home? Orchard gives your buyers all three.

Traditional Agents Homebuying Companies
Become a cash buyer
Buy before you sell
Licensed real estate agent
List for top dollar
Guaranteed home sale
Option to skip home showings

Email builders@orchard.com to learn more

Orchard is currently partnering with home builders in several markets across Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Oregon, and Washington state.