Orchard Home Buying and Selling Reviews

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4.9 / 5

Moved out and that was it

The experience was as advertised, very easy and straight forward. Really enjoyed not having to show our house and keep it show-ready. Moved out and that was it.

I have already recommended Orchard to friends

Didn't think it was possible for me to be in a new home as a single mom - and I'm typing this from my beautiful house that was built from ground up using the proceeds from the purchase of my previous home by Orchard. The whole process was amazing. I have already recommended Orchard to friends.

Slam dunk process

Orchard has a slam dunk process -- we don’t think we’ll ever go back to the traditional way. What a breeze to buy a place, move, and then sell.

We didn’t have to do a thing but move out

They took care of everything! And I love the fact that we didn’t have to do a thing but move out. Trying to do showings with 3 homeschooled children would have been impossible.

Took care of everything

The whole process was very simple and easy. Orchard took care of everything every step of the way.

Made moving possible

We were very happy with the service. It made moving possible when it likely would not have been an option in our circumstances.

Very smooth

It seemed too good to be true, but from beginning to end it was very smooth and allowed us to get into the house we wanted with minimal risk.

Couldn’t be more pleased

I couldn’t be more pleased with the process. I plan on recommending Orchard to anyone looking at buying/selling a home.

Best decision we made

This was the best decision we made together as a family. We would do it again if we were to buy a new home

Simple process

Orchard takes the cringe part out of buying/selling and make it into a simple process

Easiest transaction ever!!

This was the easiest transaction ever!! Orchard made our dream of moving to a new home not just possible, but really simple


The ease and simplicity with which everything worked was amazing. This was the only time that I can ever recall where the reality lived up to, and exceeded, what was originally presented. Awesomeness!

Exceeded our expectations

This is the only way to sell and purchase a home. Orchard actually exceeded our expectations.

No showings throughout the process

No showings throughout the process was a strong selling point, plus closing on our old home first was helpful towards our down payment.

Sold our home very quickly

Overall, our Orchard agent ended up doing a fantastic job and we sold our home very quickly once we were able to find a new one.

Took the stress out of the whole process

The entire Orchard process was simple and clear. This was our first time selling a home and we were nervous and worried about timing and getting money for our next home and showing our previous home as we have dogs. Orchard really took the stress out of the whole process.

We have recommended Orchard's service

Our main concern was the inconvenience of showing a home - then COVID made it even more important. We have recommended Orchard's service to a number of friends if this is important to them.

Easy and painless

The fact that we didn’t have to have people coming in and out looking at our home while we still lived in it. For us this was a great option because we didn’t want to deal with the hassle of showing our house while we were still residing there. Easy and painless.

Great experience

The concept is what real estate sales has needed for years. The [home assessment] took approximately 2 hours, including all inspections. I had never seen such well coordination in getting all the companies out at once. A positive is that when our agent was not available for showings, the great showing specialist were. Great experience.

I don’t want to go through the “traditional” way again

Everything was so easy and smooth, it didn’t even feel we were in the process of selling and buying a house. Honestly I don’t ever want to go through the “traditional” way again.

Nothing but excellent

Abel was AMAZING, I have nothing but excellent things to tell my friends about him and Orchard. He was so informative and walked us through every process so patiently. Trusted Abel 100% and he was 100% on point with the sale. You have this business down and I have referred several of my friends to Abel/Orchard. Great job from all involved! We really appreciate it!

All the difference

The buying and selling process with Orchard was very stress free. Monica was very personable, professional and made us feel heard. She worked so hard to find exactly what we were looking for even when we could not pin point exactly what that was. Working with Monica was a HUGE reason we found our next home. The whole process of buying and selling was easy and stress free. And working with someone like Monica truly made all the difference.

More streamlined, less headaches

This made buying and selling a home a lot more streamlined and a few less headaches. The cash offer we received was fair and Abel worked to help us sell our house quickly to make some cash on top of that. Abel was very helpful and continues to answer questions for me after the sale.

So much easier

I already have recommended Orchard. It made moving soooo much easier. My realtor, Lindsey Meares, was amazing to work with. I wish more realtors were like her. She was amazing. It was such a great feeling to have someone who was honest and was for me. I always felt like she had my best interest in mind.


Having the cash upfront on our house we were selling allowed us to move forward with purchase of our new home. Louise was FANTASTIC!!! Loved working with her through this whole process.

Removes the worry to sell first

I enjoyed the ability to shop for and purchase a house without the worry of selling our current house first, the all cash offer allowed us to buy the house we wanted even though there was a competing offer for more than we were willing to pay, and the convenience of not having to leave the house to accommodate showings was fantastic. The process is very straightforward and pretty clear. Answers to my questions were always addressed quickly.

Game changer

I love the business model - being able to chose our new home prior to officially listing/selling our current home was a game changer for me. Lynne Mullins took us on showings and advised us on the offer for our new home. We loved working with Lynne and her advice was extremely valuable - kept us from overbidding/overpaying on our new home!

The best option for us

I've received exceptional customer service with everyone from Orchard I've encountered. The process of buying and selling has never been easier. Orchard's Buy & Sell program allowed us to skip the hassle of a double move and the inconveniences of showing appointments. We would not of been able to move into our next home first without this program. We truly appreciated the experience and expertise of our Home Advisor, Jennifer. She guided us through every step and helped us negotiate the best offer. I appreciated her honesty and looking out for our best interests in negotiating our purchase. I really liked the showing notification emails. It was so exciting to see all of the appointments book! I think the program was great and a perfect fit for our needs. 2 full time working parents with 2 little kids that didn't want to move twice and didn't want the inconvenience of showings...and we needed to access some of our home's equity to be able to close on our next home without jeopardizing our savings & investments. It was the best option for us! Thank you Orchard!

Everything came together

Everything went as expected and very quickly. Selling and buying is always going to be stressful but with Orchard everything came together and went as smooth as could be.

Easy, less stressful process

I enjoyed working with Orchard. It was an easy process and it made the buying and selling experience less stressful.

Exceeded our expectations

We were skeptical at first, but this method of buying/selling worked out exactly as planned and helped us buy a great house, and sell our last home at a price exceeding our expectations. Given the state of buying/selling in the pandemic, [our Home Advisor] was phenomenal. Always punctual and responsive, quick to get on calls, and happy to go out of her way at every turn.

The program is great!

The program is great! It is so nice to be able to move into a new house before needing to worry about selling the old house! Jessica drove to our favorite houses and gave us a pro-con list of the yard, neighborhood, traffic, etc. It was great to have the extra insight without having to make the drive ourselves (45 mins away).

No hassle, no showings

Very easy process, no hassle, and no leaving [your] home to show, very convenient. Our agent was great. One of the best agents I’ve ever dealt with. Very friendly yet professional.

Flexible, insightful, and helpful

I needed to sell my home quickly and didn’t want to carry two mortgages. Orchard provided me with a market assessment as well as an immediate guaranteed offer on my home. This allowed me the flexibility to plan a close date on a new home as well as a close date on my existing home. I had identified the home, but Jennifer was very helpful/insightful during the negotiation process. The closing was virtual and completed 100% online. Orchard also sold my home 2 months later and as a result I received some additional monies. One additional benefit was the convenience of the Concierge services. Some items were noted for repair as part of the inspection process. Jennifer coordinated those repairs and deducted the fees from my net proceeds. That meant no additional out of pocket $ on my end. Very helpful.

Did everything they said they'd do

The company did everything they told me they were going to do from the beginning. My [Home] Advisor was extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend her and the company to friends.

Convenient and fair

Overall we had a very positive experience with Orchard. As first time home sellers, we were a little hesitant. But with two small children at home, the convenience offered by Orchard was a big draw for us. Ultimately we were very pleased with Orchard. They were fair in their pricing and communicated with us well. I would be pleased to recommend them to a friend.

Easier for me

Even with the pandemic, they made buying and selling easier for me

A joy to work with

Lindsey was great. She came in at the 11th hour and saved the day. She was always available and just a joy to work with. I love the fact that I was able to get upfront money and move into new home. Love the fact that within 90 days I received my remaining funds.

Better service than I have ever experienced

The selling agent, the showing associates, the inspectors and the title team were equally competent and professional. They provided better service than I have ever experienced, both in the buying end and the selling end.

The process met our needs

Easy process [that] really met our needs since we have kids and dogs and COVID-19 is a concern.

Fast and smooth transaction

Fast & smooth transaction. Rachel was great and I am happy with the overall service and knowledge she was able to bring to our transaction. Smooth transition from all departments. I was happy to work with Orchard Title. [First] time working with them and they were on top of things and were able to close on time.

On my timetable

Non stressful experience and on my time table! Everyone at Orchard was pleasant to work with and very professional! We felt like we were in good hands! Jennifer Roberts took great care of us keeping us well informed and genuinely caring about our experience! We have referred many other customers to Orchard and Jennifer Roberts. :)

Helped us feel comfortable

The process was so easy! We did not want to worry about keeping a house clean and loading up 2 little ones and a dog for all the showings. We were also able to secure the perfect new house that we would have likely missed out on if not able to make an offer right away. Louise was a pleasure to work with and kept us updated throughout the whole process. She is very responsive, knowledgeable, personable, caring, and definitely helped us feel comfortable with the whole process from beginning to end. She was a delight to work with!

Worry free

Easy process and didn’t have to worry with house showings.

Bought our dream home

We wouldn’t have been able to make this dream a reality without this company. The ability to buy before we sold our old home without disrupting the family for showings and to still get the full value of our home was wonderful. Everyone at Orchard was incredibly personable and understanding as they walked us through the process of getting our new home loan, buying our dream home and selling our first home. I will be recommending this service to all of my friends.

Great experience

Low stress and Peter Winscott was awesome. Bought my dream home and got more for my old home than I thought I would.

The numbers made sense

I was skeptical at first, but the numbers made sense and were accurate. The overall process was smooth. Happy with Lindsey Meares and how she worked everything!

The process was excellent

Peter Winscott and the entire process was excellent. Cannot say enough good about him nor the process!

Met our needs

Perfect situation to meet our needs. And we even made money on the second sale.

E-closing was phenomenal and easy

It was an easy process. We get to buy our new house while selling our old. It was great! [Our agent] was an expert and very professional. His advice and recommendations were very helpful! Our E-closing was phenomenal! that was the easiest!

Absolutely incredible

Orchard went above and beyond with us from the get go! We needed to move quickly and were able to get into our new house because of the ease of working with Orchard. Peter Winscott was absolutely incredible to work with and we’re glad he was in the trenches with us through the transaction. Thanks to the entire team for getting us where we wanted to go!!

Straightforward, simple and seamless

The process with Orchard was simple and seamless, they closed on time and were straightforward with how they do business

Made the process easy

The people I dealt with (Richard Danner and Samantha Hurley) kept in touch, kept me informed and made the process easy.

Easier than I imagined

From extremely easy process, very responsive and knowledgeable customer service up to realistic offer we received, whole process was easier than I imagined.

Very happy

Selling a home is stressful enough, but with the buy & sell option, it gives you that money you need to get the new house while still selling your other. Win win!

Almost too good to be true

We had an excellent experience selling with Orchard. It worked out perfect being able to choose our closing date and coincide that date with our new home closing. Selling with Orchard also helped keep us from having to move twice as we waited for our home to be built. Highly recommend and have already told friends about our experience. It was almost too good to be true.

A smooth process

A smooth process from selling to buying the new home. I love how Jennifer Roberts and her team worked together! She guided us through everything and answered all our questions and gave us honest feedback. Had I went another route I would of never got in to my forever home.

Very smooth and easy

Everything was very smooth and easy! Everyone was great and very responsive. Loved the staging and pics of our home for sale

Great crew

I worked with Colin & he was very professional & kept on top of the process. All the inspectors & the final walk thru was good. Everyone on time. Did a good job. Great crew.

So easy, fast, and stress-free

The whole process has been so easy, fast, and stress-free. Peter, an Orchard realtor has been my point of contact for me through out the transaction. He has been really awesome and has always been available for all my questions and his communication has been top notch.

Process was smooth

Process was smooth and my representative from Perch was in constant contact with me to keep things moving along.

Buy without worrying

I'd recommend to a friend or colleague because of the ability to buy without worrying if you sold or on the flip side knowing you don’t have to move twice if you sold before finding. Also the convenience of not having to show the house

Would use this service again for sure

It was a very easy process to sell my home with Orchard. My rep Colin was very patient answering all my questions. Would use this service again for sure.

No headache

Very pleased with the level of service and efficient process. I was lookin to close on this house as we moved out of the state. Orchard (Colin) took the lead delivered what Orchard promises. Easy to follow process. Quick close. Fair price. No headache of showings or uncertainty about sale. Not sure if I could have asked for anything else.

Well organized and efficient

The process was well organized and efficient. The folks we worked with were very courteous and professional, and responded quickly to our questions and concerns.

Comfortable through the entire sale

Our primary contact William Blair did an awesome job with keeping in touch and thoroughly explaining the process along the way. He kept things moving for us and helped us have a stress free close.

Absolutely wonderful

Our rep Emily was absolutely wonderful. She is the best agent we've ever worked with and will seek her out for our next purchase. I've recommended her to friends and on the Facebook groups that I'm a member of.

Great overall experience!

The process was easy, plus we were bless with a great salesman Colin King. He kept me informed and was there for us all the way thru the end of the purchase.

Took a lot of the stress out of the buying/selling process.

Gave us the ability to choose the best option for our family. We didn’t have to settle for a home we didn’t love because our previous home was sold and we were in a rush. Gave us flexibility with our budget knowing what we would get selling our home to Orchard. Process was easy and straightforward, no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Our agent Emily’s was great. Always available for showings and to answer any questions.

No showings, no repairs

Such an easy transaction from beginning to end. No showings, no repairs, etc offer was a fair price, I’d definitely recommend.

Simpler than we could have imagined

The process was simpler than we could have imagined. It allowed us to move in to our new home, while still keeping our old home on the market without the complications associated with showing, etc. Very easy and simplified process.

Fast, thorough, efficient, and easy.

Made the selling of our home a much easier experience than the first time we tried to sell our home. Our rep was very professional and was there for us to answer all of our questions immediately.

Flexible with our timing

The process was easy and Sam, our contact person throughout the process, was great. We got a fair offer in my opinion and they were flexible with our timing.

Excellent experience

All contacts that I spoke with knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Overall a great experience.

Professional, courteous and just plain nice

I would recommend Orchard to others because they offer a unique way to bridge the gap between selling one house, taking the equity from that sale, and using it to buy the next house. Without Orchard this would have been a timing nightmare and would likely have involved putting furniture in storage and moving into temporary accommodations while trying to buy the next house.

A very simple process

A very simple process and we feel we got as much for our house as we would have selling ourselves without any headaches. We were very pleased with the whole process. Have already recommended to friends who also want to downsize in the next 6 - 12 months

Super friendly

Everyone was super friendly and available. All the pieces seem to fall right in line in correspondence with each other.

Very easy to work with

Very easy to work with throughout the process. They made my part easy and offered to assist when some issues arose with my mortgage company. They were professional, courteous, efficient and gave me a fair price for my home. Job well done!

We felt we had a team on our side

The overall process was much better than we had originally thought it would be. We were very impressed with both Josh and Ethan, both were very attentive and responded quickly to all of our questions. We felt we had a team on our side and they guided us through this whole process.

Clear and very simple

The process was clear and very simple to understand and our realtor was awesome. Emily was professional and always there with all the answers I needed taken care of.


I wanted out of a two-story home into a one-story home, and did not want to make repairs on old home. Our Perch representative Ms. Samatha Hurley was outstanding, very informative, always returned phone calls, very polite.

Worked around my crazy schedule

Everything has been easy, great people!

Excellent process

This was an excellent process that allowed us to sell our home quickly and easily at a price we loved. Colin was very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the process.

Very quick and efficient

Seriously very impressed with the whole process. Colin was great and very easy to talk to. No games, sales talk etc, I value that. This was my first time using Perch and it was great.

This process is amazing

This process is amazing, but even more so were the people we worked with. I was skeptical at first, but the reduction of stress that Perch brought with its process was phenomenal. We may never again buy and sell houses any other way.

Second to NONE

Colin, our sales person, was as helpful as it comes. The entire automated system and closing system and the communication that you guys supplied was second to NONE in the industry.

No "fine print"

Top notch. Exceeded our expectations. Very professional and responsive to our questions. Offer was reasonable and within our acceptable range.

Super helpful

The team had been super helpful and a pleasure to work with.

As good as you can get

For people looking for non traditional options for selling their home, Perch is a great alternative. Offer process was quick, transparent and fair. Richard Danner was absolutely fantastic in every way imaginable. At no time did I feel like I wasn't his first priority. His professionalism, communication and never ending patience with me was as good as you can get. He truly exceed any expectation that I had. We did a closing via mobile notary and it was painless. It was great that we could do it very early in the morning so my wife and I could both be present and not have to take time off work.

Very smooth transaction

They gave me a fair price and it was a very smooth transaction.

Easiest home sale

The entire experience was simple and straightforward. Everyone I dealt with was very professional and friendly. Overall, this was the easiest home sale.

The whole experience was great

Perch provided stability and peace of mind knowing the sale would go through. Colin was great in keeping me in the loop. I was well aware of every step. The whole experience was great. Low stress and great team helping me along the process.

No showings

Loved not having to “show” the house to potential buyers, Always responded to my questions whether it was via text, phone or email.

Very smooth process

Everyone was very professional and friendly. The process was as advertised as ran very smoothly.

The process was easy and professional

Accessible to a fault

The difference between Perch and other online companies right there are "Communication and Good Customer Service" From the beginning to the end of the sale, Perch staff was available either by phone, email or text message. The process was made easy and painless. Despite the high cost of repair, I still recommend Perch any day, any time.

I highly recommend Perch!

At first, I was skeptical about using a company to buy my house rather than list it with a real estate agent in a traditional manner. I was concerned about the price I would be getting and about how I would be treated during the process through closing. Perch put those fears to rest. Not only did they offer me a fair price, but I was especially impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of everyone I interacted with at Perch. The team of inspectors, the title department and especially my personal representative William Blair are all gentlemen and solid professionals. William was extremely responsive and courteous through all my question asking and support during the stressful time of selling my house. I highly recommend Perch! They remove stress from the equation of selling a home. Thank you, Perch!

Process was very easy

Easiest home sale ever.

No last minute snags, and a guaranteed closing make this program simple. Great overall service and responsiveness. Thank you for helping us get into our dream home by buying our old home.

Great experience

Loved everything about my experience! Prompt service, professional, & personable! Thank you for such a great experience in selling my home.

Very painless experience

It was a very painless experience throughout. Especially given that I no longer reside in San Antonio, the process could not have been simpler.

Very convenient

Overall good experience

Process is transparent and easy to understand

The people at Perch were some of the most professional I’ve dealt with. Colin was great. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, and personable. Very efficient. Great job. This team was so good I called Colin to tell him how great they were. The traveling notary was a great guy. Close was simple.

Perch is the way to go!

Perch went above and beyond for us and although they may end up costing you a little more, when you need to move quickly with zero hassle they are rock stars! Customer service and flexibility was on point, true professionals. People that need to move fast without hassle and have a professional transaction....Perch is the way to go!

It was an easy process

They worked with our timeline for closing.

I would go this route again

The process was seamless. Very happy with how quickly everything went. Moving out was the hardest of the whole process. The entire team was quite helpful and answered all of my questions. This was my first time selling a home and I would go this route again. Closing paperwork signing was a breeze.

Easiest, fastest and most pleasant house selling experience we’ve ever experienced

William was very personable, explained everything every step of the way, and quickly responded to any questions. Closing was a breeze. Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Hassle free

Easy to work with and hassle free

Great program!

I received a very competitive offer. It was smooth from start to finish. I was kept informed at all times. Awesome to work with Colin.

I couldn't have asked for the process to be any easier

I couldn't have asked for the process to be any easier. Obviously, like everyone, you'd love to get as much for your house as possible, and I would have liked more, but I think it was fair. It was certainly stress free.

Thank you so much Perch!

We had several issues popping up on our house and we just kept getting deeper and deeper in cost for repairs. When I contacted perch steps went into play the next day. I received a call from Richard (Perch) and he literately walked us through the entire process. Even though i never met him, he was always a phone call away and even given me his personal number. We even had to extend the time to move cause our new house was not ready and they worked with us the whole way. We were given an offer and than the repairs to our house which you can either fix them or take the total off the house. WE went with taking the damages of the total so we could move ASAP, and we still walked away with a happy $$$. Closing was easy and received our Money by wire transfer that day. Totally satisfied with Perch and have been telling everyone how smooth and easy you made this process. THANK YOU SO MUCH PERCH.

Transparent and smooth

Richard Danner was awesome, he was always available to answer questions. The process was so transparent and smooth.


It was seamless and they were patient and were very responsive. Lastly, Josh Jackson was an amazing Realtor and represented Perch incredibly well.

Honest and fair

Easy and very knowledgeable. Always there to answer questions and honest and fair.

It was a very smooth process

The process was excellent and everything went well

We were extremely pleased with all transactions.

Easy to understand step by step

Rich was very nice and all other team members were professional and easy to work with. Good communication and easy to understand step by step. Good to have flexible options like lease back program.

Super easy

They were easy to work with and made the process super easy. It was a great experience.

The process was very smooth

Colin was good about answering our questions. I thought the whole thing was much easier than other closings.

Communication was great and my interaction with everyone was very personable.

It was a great experience!

Your team was very professional, led by Colin King. Overall, it was a great experience! Thank you.

No gimmicks, just good customer service.

This was a great experience. Perch made it extremely easy.

It was very convenient and allowed us to move on our schedule.

The price was a little less than we wanted but we didn't have to do any of the repairs ourselves, so the convenience factor was worth it. Overall, a good experience.

The team was very professional and responsive.

The process was easy and smooth. Overall I am very pleased with Perch.

Easy and fast

Wasn't interested in people traipsing through my house or having it on the market potentially for months. Also, didn't want to deal with lots of back-and-forth negotiations of tiny details.

Easy to work with, closed quickly.

The offer that I received from Perch was fair

I would choose Perch because of their promptness and professionalism. The offer that I received from Perch was fair based on the CMA in my area.

The process was extremely smooth and stress-free

We only had a couple of months to make sure all of these different things got taken care of, and selling a house was not something my wife and I were looking forward to. The team at Perch made it work and eased our minds almost immediately.

Overall experience was smooth

The Perch team did a great job of staying in communication with us throughout the entire process. They were professional, courteous and always available to answer any questions we had.

So easy to work with!

Every member of the Perch team was amazing.

A seamless selling process

Our seller experience manager Colin King was very informative. He was always available to answer questions and to guide us along the way. Colin, as well as Blanca Iturrino (Perch Title) are professionals who made for a seamless selling process.

Allowed us to get under contract without worrying

Pretty simple process and it allowed us to get under contract for our new home without worrying about if/when our house would sell in time.

Top-notch customer service

The process was very straightforward. Richard Danner was extremely helpful and attentive 7 days a week if I ever had any questions along the way. Top-notch customer service.

Pleasant and professional

My entire experience, beginning with my initial contact with Richard Danner, was very pleasant and professional.

Smooth experience

Perch is great and complied as promised. Smooth experience, a bit pricey but worth it.

Much less stressful than our traditional buyer/seller transactions

Everyone we dealt with was great and the experience went better than I anticipated. We got a fair price but more importantly, the process was smooth and we closed on time. Much less stressful than our traditional buyer/seller transactions we've experienced in the past when realtors were involved.

Perch was fabulous

The experience of using Perch was way beyond any expectations. Perch was fabulous. I have already started recommending and referring Perch.

One of the most painless experiences I have ever had

The people were nice and great to work with. They were always pleasant and answered my questions, no matter what they were. Closing was also very easy and fast. Thank you to Richard, especially, for being so friendly and helpful throughout the process.

I would definitely sell to Perch again

The service from start to finish was excellent. Rich was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. He made the entire process simple and fair. He went above and beyond to ensure that the selling experience was a good one for both me and for my family. I would definitely recommend to a friend, and I would definitely sell to Perch again.

Good process, easy sale

Good process, easy sale but higher closing costs (but understood the cost at the beginning).

Perch was just wonderful

Perch was just wonderful and got us taken care of promptly and was very professional.

Smooth and fast

Everything went so smooth and fast! Richard Danner was always available and patient with me.

Took all the stress out of selling our home.

Incredibly easy.

Customer service was excellent

The process was pretty painless and felt the offer was fair. Customer service was excellent.

My experience with Perch was excellent

I had been working with several real estate agents, over a period of months, and none of them gave me a hope of receiving the amount of money I was hoping to get in the sale. Most of them were pointing out that I would have to fix this and that, hire a stager, and sell at a lower price for a quick sale. Perch made me an offer on my property that was straight out, as-is, with only a possibility of repairs, after an inspection, and a quick closing (in my own home). All went well, closed on time and funded the next day. The only negative was the cost which turned out to be a bit more than the usually negotiated amount but was offset by the no showings and as-is offer. Great experience for us.

Process was seamless

Perch saved me a lot of time listing the house. The closing process was seamless. Thomas was very helpful and responding to my emails during the process. I would do business with Perch again.


Easy and fast process of selling my home hassle-free at a reasonable price

Perch went above and beyond

Our experience with Perch and the entire sales process exceeded our expectations. From the moment we began our conversations regarding an offer, to the moment we received our monies, Perch went above and beyond to answer any questions we may have had. We could not have asked for a more wonderful experience in what is usually a very stressful situation. I have shared, and will continue to share, our experience with everyone I know.

Very easy and convenient

The process was very easy and convenient, with a few minor hiccups. Nothing of significance.

Always kept me informed

Very friendly and answered all my questions.

Made selling easier

Richard and co-workers were very nice to correspond with. Made selling easier, especially if you’ve accumulated so much stuff.

The entire process from the offer to closing was amazing.

It goes very quickly and quite smooth.

Easy closing with absolutely no hassles

I’ve bought and sold many homes the past 45 years and by far this has been the most positive experience period. Super easy closing with absolutely no hassles at all... this is the future of selling and buying homes!

Smooth, predictable process

Experience that exceeded expectations. Smooth, predictable process. Value delivered as promised.

Perch made me a fair offer

I had a house that needed a little more work than usual. Perch made me a fair offer and purchased the home for an amount I was very happy with.

We were completely thrilled with the sale process with Perch.

There is no way I would have ever believed selling a house could be this painless.

Exactly the peace of mind I needed

Perch provided me an easy way to sell my home without the hassle that can be associated with a traditional home sale. Since I received a job offer in another city, and needed to sell my home fast, this option seemed very logical. The entire process was fast and painless, which is exactly the peace of mind I needed at the time. Also, the offer was very fair and we were able to close within a four week time window without any setbacks.