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4.9 / 5
4.9 / 5
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Off the scale!

If I had more houses, I would only sell them with Orchard. The preparation of my home and the pictures for the listing were great. I was told that we should expect offers quickly, but I was overwhelmed by how much interest was generated in a short time. My listing agent Nathan’s work was off the scale.

Orchard did a top-notch job

The Orchard process is outstanding. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid trying to sell their home while they live in it and moving more than once! Orchard did a top-notch job with listing the home, getting offers, and guiding us through the negotiation and closing process.

Made buying in this market very easy

The Move First service made finding and purchasing a home in this market very easy. Our agent Stephen was very professional and treated us with respect.

Our agent was SUPER!

She listened to us and really got a feel for what we were looking for. She was very flexible with us and patiently waited until we were ready to move forward. She helped us understand the Orchard process, which made it easier for us to say yes and sign.

Great way to move first

Orchard offered a great way to move first and not have to deal with showings, all without leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Didn't have to deal with showings

Orchard was a great option for us, especially with little kids. We didn’t have to deal with scheduling showings around children’s naps, and we were able to take our time and find the house we wanted before completely uprooting our family.

Convenient and smooth

The convenience of not having to move out until you have found your new home is extremely beneficial.

Very easy process

This was a very easy process that was outlined very well from the beginning. The updates we got along the way were nice, keeping us apprised of what was going on.

Orchard made it all possible

We weren't in a place financially to make an offer without the equity from our current home. Orchard made it possible to find and buy our dream home. Our agent Miguel did a REALLY good job. Very responsive and helpful. I appreciated that he was looking out for us, and he did a great job negotiating on our behalf. Thank you!

Gave us peace of mind

The convenience of moving first and then selling gave us peace of mind. We loved the great customer service and team. My agent was awesome to work with and explained everything, which we loved. The rest of the team was amazing and on top of everything. Keep up the good work!!!!

Held our hand every step of the way

The entire Orchard process was phenomenal. We were dealing with a job loss/new job acclimation and city relocation, all while balancing life and parenting a nearly-three-year-old and newborn was stressful during the listing experience, for sure! Our agent Louise held our hand every step of the way and eliminated every obstacle she could fathom, so during a stressful season, the home-selling process ultimately was not a major stressor.

Excellent customer service

The Orchard concept allowed me to free up the equity in my old house and put a down payment on a new house, which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. My agent provided excellent customer service, frequent communication, and truly seemed to care about our needs & securing the best deal possible.

Extremely smooth

The instant equity we received made it possible for us to secure a new home. The whole process was extremely smooth.

Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly

This was the best home selling and buying experience I have gone through. The agents we worked with were knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The whole process was excellent from start to finish and much less stressful.

Guided us every step of the way

The process was very smooth and the Orchard team guided us every step of the way.

Thank you for everything!

I have literally no complaints about anything. That is rare.

Amazing process

Great, seamless process. Will never sell a home any other way.

Very easy to work with

Orchard's staff was very easy to work with from beginning to close. They show professionalism, personality, and knowledge of the business and market.

So happy I went with Orchard

After the loss of my husband, I needed to downsize but had absolutely no knowledge of buying and selling a home. Orchard made both the purchase of my new home and the sale of the old one so very easy. Everything was explained, and I felt like I understood what was going on. I can’t say enough how happy I am I went with Orchard.

Received an offer way over our asking price

We had a really great experience with our first time selling a home. Everything went so smoothly, and we received an offer worth a lot more than our asking price. Everyone at Orchard was beyond helpful! They accommodated us while moving to Florida from Texas. I highly recommend Orchard!!!

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