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4.9 / 5
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Strong offer in this crazy market

Orchard offers great value for those looking to have a strong offer in this crazy market. Smooth process, easy to understand. Everything happened as it was advertised. Orchard was very communicative in all steps. Our realtor Eli Pacheco was very professional and kept us updated on every move.

Loved the whole process!

I’m a single mom of 4 and my time is valuable. Orchard made selling and buying a home so easy! The highlight was not being “homeless” while my old home sells and trying to purchase a new one. I loved the whole team that was assigned to me.

Informative and honest about the entire process

Every member of the Orchard team that worked to get my home sold was amazing. I want to specifically mention my listing agent Steve Gary and how phenomenal he was in explaining everything and keeping me informed every step of the way. He was also so reassuring and helped me understand the process so that I wouldn’t have any concerns during this process. I truly appreciate everything he has done for me. Everyone was really great but I feel like Steve was the most informative and honest about the entire process and more upfront on what to expect and gave excellent advice to me as a first time home seller. I will definitely use Orchard again for my home selling needs.

No need to move twice!

I love the ease of the process, including the instant equity, and no need to move twice! As stated previously, I am a huge fan of the business model, but my advisors, Neven Price, and Bobbie Schwartz eliminated my skepticism and made me a believer! Again, Bobbie Schwartz! I cannot stress enough that the people I worked with made this such a fantastic process, that I am recommending Orchard to everyone I know in hopes that they will be able to work with the same great people that I worked with!

Helped us through a stressful time

Orchard's Move First Service worked well for me and my family. I would recommend to others in similar situations. The highlight of my Orchard experience was moving directly into my new home, without having to either negotiate a lease-back or find a short term living situation with friends or family. Of the many people I worked with at Orchard, they were all very nice, personable, and seemingly very eager to be helpful. They helped me and my family through a stressful time in our life and helped us navigate an interesting real estate market. My home sale was a bit rocky, likely more to do with the buyers than my agent. It took 4 contracts to close the sale.

Top dolllar for our home

Great service and follow through. Good customer service and top dollar for our home.

Quick sale and easy convenient closing

The process was easy, understandable, and the staff knew what they were doing. We had a very pleasant experience. Our agent Tami was great! She took time to explain the entire process and what to expect. Quick sale and easy convenient closing.

Able to move before our house was listed

Everything ran very smoothly and the two women we had the pleasure of working with were awesome and were the ones that really made our experience with Orchard the best. The highlight was being able to move before our house was listed.

Got a great price

Our main goal of selling this house with minimum investment on our part was achieved, plus we got a great price and I give our agent Heather all the credit for that.

A distinct pleasure

My listing agents, and all individuals every step of the process were a distinct pleasure to deal with and very helpful.

Sell the house without showing it

The best part of the experience was being able to move and sell the house without showing it, and not requiring a contingency on the new house. The 90-day flip rule for FHA transactions was not adequately explained prior to putting my house on the market. While I know that it is a law, and not a specific policy of Orchard that introduces this limitation, it should be made abundantly more clear to the seller since most people do not encounter this situation on a regular basis.

Excellent process

Outstanding associates to work with. The highlight of the Orchard experience was purchasing our next house in a desired neighborhood.

Great experience

The whole process was great and easy. Both Greg from the concierge service and Joanna the realtor was a dream to work with.

Very attentive

Orchard and my Orchard representative Chris in particular were very attentive, helpful, and communicative. The highlight was the ease of the experience and the extreme helpfulness of Chris.

Easiest process ever

This was the easiest process ever. Friendly staff, our listing agent Randy was amazing. Listed on Thursday at 3pm and Randy called me Sunday at 3pm with multiple offers.

Smooth transition

Orchard’s service made it possible for my family to have a smooth transition from old house to new home. Our listing agent Kimberly was very helpful in making sure we got the best deal. Her advice was on point and led us to close on time as scheduled.

Cash upfront to buy our home

It was a great competitive advantage to have cash upfront to buy our home. We got a great initial offer from Orchard and we ended up selling our home for $50K more than we expected. The highlight was being able to get a good offer from Orchard and secure that cash with the possibility of getting even more from the final sale. Andrew gave us a lot of peace of mind since our first meeting. He came across super confident and was extremely communicative and accessible. I was surprised that we could make all the decisions about the sale or our house when technically we didn't own the house anymore.

Loved the value offered

I felt confident I would not have been able to transact as smoothly or as well without it. The best part was the opportunity to buy first, and have a guaranteed value on my home, without having to worry about showing it while I lived in it.

Simple and easy

I kept waiting for "the catch," and it never happened! Bobbie, our listing agent, took care of EVERYTHING. If something came up, all I had to do was call her and it was done. It was great.

Easy and no headaches!

Everything was hassle free from buying to selling! Excellent experience!

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