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About Us

What is Orchard?
What services does Orchard offer?
Where does Orchard operate?
Is Orchard a home flipper?
Do you have real estate agents?
Who is Orchard Title?

Buy & Sell

How it works

What is the Orchard Buy & Sell service?
How is buying and selling with Orchard different than a traditional home buying process?
What are the benefits of buying and selling with Orchard?
Who can buy and sell with Orchard?
How much does it cost to use the Buy & Sell service?
How do I get started?

Home Valuation

How is my home sale estimate calculated?
What is the Orchard cash offer?
Who does the home assessment on my current home?
Why do I need a home assessment?

Our Home Advisors

Who are Orchard's Home Advisors?
When do I meet my Orchard Home Advisor?
How does Orchard Buy & Sell compare to working with a traditional agent?

Buying with Orchard

What are the benefits of buying with Orchard?
What types of homes can Orchard show me?
How does the buying process work?
What payments do I make on the new home?
Do I have to buy a home from Orchard if I want to use the Buy & Sell option?
How does the mortgage process work for the home I am buying?
How does the closing process work for the home I am buying?
What happens if I don't find a home I want to buy?

Listing with Orchard

What are the benefits of listing with Orchard?
What happens to my mortgage payments?
What happens if I want to modify the listing price of my home?
What happens if my home does not sell within 90 days of listing?
How does the closing process work for my home sale?
What are my closing costs?

Our Homes

Buying from Orchard

I'm looking to buy an Orchard home, what makes them different?
Can I buy an Orchard home without selling my home to Orchard?
How do I schedule a home viewing?
What does it cost to purchase an Orchard home?
How long does the home buying process take?
I have an agent already, can I buy an Orchard home?