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Orchard’s home value estimate is 30% more accurate than others.
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With Orchard, home buying and selling are simple and stress-free. Our service ensures you won’t miss out on your dream home because you haven’t sold your current one. Plus, we guarantee that your home will sell within 120 days for market price (Note: The length of your listing period may vary and will be shared with you by the Orchard team before you move forward).

Wondering how it works? Let’s walk through some common questions about buying and selling homes with Orchard.

How does the Orchard home buying and selling process work?

You’ll start by answering a few questions about your current home and your home buying goals. We’ll use this information, along with our complimentary home assessment, to prepare your cash offer. This offer gives you the freedom (and equity) to start house hunting without your home sale holding you back.

Next, we’ll pair you with an Orchard real estate agent to determine your budget for buying a new home. You’ll also work with your Orchard Home Advisor to start touring homes that meet your criteria. Many of our customers also use Orchard’s real estate platform, which lets you see all homes in your area as soon as they hit the market.

When you find the perfect home, we’ll use our cash to make a contingency-free offer and reserve the home for you. You can move in right away, and you won’t pay your mortgage until your old home sells.

As you settle into your new home, your Home Advisor will handle your old home listing and find you the perfect buyer. Once your home sells for top dollar, we’ll transfer your new house into your name. You can use Orchard Home Loans or a lender of your choice to finalize your mortgage.

Where is Orchard available?

Orchard is currently available in Denver, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, and several Texas markets, including San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin.

How does Orchard make money?

We charge a standard 6% fee on your home sale, making it similar to a traditional real estate transaction. We’re aligned with you—the more your home sells for, the more we make on commission.

Are there Orchard real estate services available for just home buyers?

Beyond our Move First service, Orchard also offers a service for those just looking to buy. This program lets you buy your next home with the help of local licensed agents, unique home search tools, and convenient home tours. Orchard also offers the option to reserve your new home with our cash.

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