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Survey says…?! The State of Real Estate in Denver: Cautiously Optimistic

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It is unsurprising to most that COVID-19 has changed the way home buyers and sellers approach the real estate market. But how?

To answer this question, Orchard conducted a study of more than 200 home buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area. We asked Denverites questions about buying, selling and renovating homes in the coming six months, to learn what has changed since the pandemic began in the U.S. Below are some trends we uncovered, and specific data on each.

A healthy appetite for home buying

  • No hesitation here: 10% of buyers said they plan to speed up their search for their dream home coming out of the shelter-in-place orders.

A new (virtual) reality

  • Nearly 50% of home buyers surveyed are now more comfortable doing home tours virtually rather than in-person

The new necessities

  • Need their space: 90% are looking for private outdoor space, while 88% want a designated home office.
  • Spreading out: 63% are looking for a home that is bigger than their current one, and 69% are looking for more than one acre of land.
  • There’s no place like (an upgraded) home: 58% of the people surveyed are planning to make renovations or repairs in the next six months.

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