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Orchard Revolutionizes Home Search With New Features

Mar 11, 2020

Home Match and Photo Switch offer the most personalized way to browse home listings

Orchard, the home buying marketplace that makes purchasing a home stress-free, fair and simple, announced today two new features to connect home buyers to their dream home: Home Match and Photo Switch. The features are a first of their kind and personalize the way buyers browse for new homes.

“Most of today’s listing sites make it difficult for people to easily find their dream home. Consumers can only filter for homes based on a few very basic criteria. To make matters worse, they end up opening dozens of browser tabs to see the photos they care about in a home. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch Home Match and Photo Switch so that Orchard users can now personalize their experience to find the right home for them.” said Court Cunningham, CEO and co-Founder of Orchard.

Home Match is the first ever home search algorithm that enables users to discover homes with the unique features that matter most to them. Designed as a quiz, Home Match gives the most personalized set of listing results over any home search service on the market. This powerful search tool goes beyond the basic filters for bedrooms, bathrooms, or zip code and adds preferences for more specific features, such as kitchen amenities, floor plan style, and bedroom size, to refine results. Orchard users share what their “must haves” versus “nice to haves” are and get results that are truly tailored to their needs.

For example, a home buyer may have their heart set on a large backyard and a two-car garage. However, they may be more flexible on a pool and granite countertops. Orchard then takes the user’s degrees of preferences to assign a personal match score to every home in the area - all within a matter of seconds. Users can also save their quiz results and receive alerts when new homes with a high match score hit the market.

Photo Switch uses a machine-learning model to scan photos of every home on the market and determines which rooms are in each photo. Orchard’s user research showed that homebuyers are extremely visual– interacting with listing imagery before anything else. Traditionally on other websites, users see dozens of homes with just the front of the home in the photo - to see a kitchen or a backyard, the customer must click into each home and see if it meets their needs. Photo Switch makes comparing these home elements easy by enabling users to switch the default photo of their listings page, to the part of the home they love most such as the kitchen, backyard, or living room. Users can now easily compare their "must-haves" all at once, whether it's a chef's kitchen, a fenced-in backyard, or a cozy living room. Photo Switch simplifies browsing so that users don’t need to take screenshots or open multiple browsers to look at the same area per property.

Home Match and Photo Switch are available in all markets where Orchard offers its services.

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About Orchard

Orchard is transforming the way people buy their homes. Simplifying it, to the way it should have always been; fair and true to market, straightforward, easy. Traditionally, homeowners looking to purchase their next home face a stressful and uncertain process - they have to either sell their old home first and move twice or buy as a contingent buyer and risk not getting their dream home. Orchard solves this problem by enabling homeowners to buy before they sell. With Orchard, customers secure their dream home first using Orchard's cash, while having the certainty of selling their old home with Orchard - all for the same fee as a traditional broker. Orchard is transforming the end-to-end home buying experience with AI-powered home search and a modern, all-digital mortgage and closing. Orchard is headquartered in New York City and offers its services in Colorado, Georgia and Texas.