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Orchard Launches Concierge Service

Mar 23, 2021

The new service lets sellers make updates to their homes to maximize buyer interest without the hassle and upfront costs

Orchard, the home buying marketplace that makes purchasing a home stress-free, fair, and simple, today announced the launch of a new concierge service that makes repairs and updates to customers’ homes before they list on the market, without any upfront costs to the homeowner. These updates maximize buyer interest when the home is listed, ultimately helping the home sell faster and for a higher price.

Home sellers typically face a difficult tradeoff when listing their home—either they have to invest thousands of dollars into home repairs and gut their savings, or they have to leave money on the table by listing their home as-is. Orchard’s concierge service removes the stress of getting a home ready for listing by managing the work from start to finish, with no upfront costs for the customer. Homes that have used Orchard’s concierge service have sold three times faster than the market average.

“We’re thrilled to bring Orchard’s concierge service to customers so that they can get top dollar for their old home without any of the hassle. This, paired with our Move First offering, is giving customers the best of both worlds: they can move into their new home first while maximizing profits on their old one— something you can’t get with a traditional broker.” said Court Cunningham, CEO and Co-Founder of Orchard.

Orchard’s concierge service represents another step in the company’s mission to simplify the home buying and selling process, empowering customers to move out of their old home and into their new one before any work begins. This eliminates any stress, mess, and unnecessary contact with strangers—a valuable benefit during COVID-19.

Customers considering Orchard’s concierge service will get a free assessment of their home, where Orchard experts will recommend which items should be updated or repaired before putting the home on the market. Orchard will then manage the work with vetted vendor partners on the customer’s behalf. There are no upfront costs with the service, and both Orchard and the customer agree on a budget to complete the upgrades. When the home sells, the cost of repairs is deducted from the customer’s final proceeds from the home.

Orchard has helped thousands of home buyers who also need to sell their existing home. To learn more about Orchard, please visit

About Orchard

Orchard is radically simplifying the home buying and selling experience from search to close. Traditionally, homeowners looking to purchase their next home face a stressful and uncertain process—they have to either sell their old home first and move twice or buy as a contingent buyer and risk not getting their dream home. Orchard pioneered the “buy before you sell” model in real estate with its Move First offering: after enabling the customer to move into their new home, Orchard sells their old home for top dollar. The company’s Offer Boost option is particularly attractive to customers in competitive markets by giving them the option of using Orchard’s cash to secure their dream home. Cash offers are more likely to be accepted by sellers—a huge benefit in the current competitive market environment. Orchard’s products and services have transformed the home buying and selling experience with AI-powered home search and a vertically-integrated platform with Orchard Home Loans, Orchard Title, and Orchard Insurance, offering an all-digital closing for customers. Orchard is headquartered in New York City and offers its services in Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.