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Lower and Wyndham Engage Orchard for Power Buyer Services

Sep 7, 2022

Dozens of lenders are now partnering with Orchard to turn qualified leads into closed loans.

NEW YORK, September 7, 2022 – Lenders are turning to Power Buyer Orchard to turn qualified leads into homeowners. Orchard, which specializes in removing contingencies and getting buyers into their dream homes with cash-backed offers, has already signed on dozens of lender partners including and Wyndham Capital Mortgage, as well as a number of Credit Unions across the country. 

“Wyndham Capital’s home purchase solution with Orchard is winning against competitive cash offers and leveling the home-buying playing field. Homebuyers are enjoying their experience at Wyndham Capital and loan officers are excited to offer Orchard’s home buying products,' says Jeff Douglas, CEO of Wyndham Capital Mortgage.

Here’s how it works: buyers work with their lender to get pre-approved for a loan. Once approved, customers that elect to use Orchard as their brokerage get access to the full suite of benefits. Orchard perks include the ability to eliminate contingencies and make an all-cash offer, to move right away before selling their current residence, to skip all home showings of their original property, and to get top dollar when it sells. Customers referred by their lender are also eligible for a rebate of up to $5,000 on the purchase price of their new home. There are no additional fees for customers, and no fees for the lenders who partner with Orchard.

“Orchard’s services are the perfect complement for lenders hoping to turn more leads into closed loans. We give our partners the confidence of getting more customers over the finish line in a home buying process that is designed to be the most stress-free, fair and simple solution in the industry. These partnerships have already helped many buyers close on their homes, and we look forward to expanding the program,” says Brett Robbins, Orchard’s Head of Business Development.

Beyond traditional lenders, Orchard has also partnered with credit unions to make home buying more accessible. One such partnership is with Gulf Coast Educators FCU, a credit union that exclusively serves educators and school employees in Texas. Together, Orchard and GCEFCU are helping teachers across the state fulfill their dream of buying a home.

“I used Orchard’s Move First service when I purchased my home, and I was impressed with how seamless and easy the buying and selling process was,” said Matt Connell, GCEFCU’s Vice President of Lending. “Our educators lead busy lives, so we are always searching for ways to save them money, time, and bring them peace of mind. Orchard’s services provide all of those benefits and more, and will prove to be a valuable asset to our members.”

If you are a lender or credit union interested in partnering with Orchard, please reach out to

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