The Real Estate Market Report for Denver: April 2021

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Residents of Denver can tell you that the housing market is on fire right now in their city, without seeing the numbers. But if you're a home buyer in Denver looking for stats on exactly how quickly the area's housing stock is flying off the market, at what prices, this post is for you.

In April 2021, the median sale price for a home in Denver jumped to $515,000, a 21% increase from April 2020. Denver also saw increases in the percentage of homes sold at or above asking price, and the average number of days on market for a given home plummeted to just 17.

See below for more stats on the housing market in Denver for April 2021: 

Like much of the country, Denver is seeing the amount of available housing supply dwindle. There is over 70% less months of supply in the city compared to the year before. Buying a home in Denver is truly a more expensive endeavor than ever.

Check back next month to see how Denver's housing market performed in May.

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