Orchard Profiles: Casey Edwards from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Casey Edwards had been happily living in her starter home for the last six years until one day, she decided it was time for a change. However, Casey knew that this life milestone was going to have to wait. After all, she had enough on her plate, with her demanding work schedule and three adorable (but exhausting) dogs.

Casey had been pushing off the big move for some time when she came across Orchard.

“What caught my attention was the convenience of buying and selling,” she recalled.

Casey learned that Orchard offered a stress-free way to handle the sale of her current home and the purchase of her new home. Wondering if this was too good to be true, Casey visited orchard.com and got a free estimate of her home’s value.

Selling made simple

Shortly after she got her home estimate, Casey had a consultation with Richard Danner, an Orchard Customer Experience Manager. During this call, she learned more about Orchard and asked lingering questions she had about their process.

After this consultation, Casey compared her Orchard offer with other quotes she had received. She also read through online reviews from other Orchard customers. Once she did her homework, the choice was clear.

“I was really happy with the price that Orchard gave me for my home and the fact that I didn’t have to have it on the market for months,” said Casey. “I also didn’t have to do any repairs myself, which was very convenient.”

All that was left to do was to sign on the dotted line, and Casey’s home sale was in the bag.

Finding her dream home

With her home sale taken care of, Casey could now focus on finding her dream home. With the help of Jennifer Roberts, her dedicated Orchard Home Advisor, Casey figured out her home wish list. That list included a big yard for her pups as well as an updated kitchen.

Jennifer helped narrow down a list of homes in the area to a few listings that fit Casey’s requirements. They had toured just three properties when Casey found “the one.”

“As soon as I walked through the home and saw the yard, I knew it was perfect,” Casey shared. “It had everything I wanted. I didn’t want to look at any other homes.”

Because she had her Orchard offer in her back pocket, Casey didn’t have to worry about selling her current home and was able to jump on the opportunity immediately. With Jennifer’s help, she made an offer that same day.

After falling in love with the home, Casey wanted to make sure she would be able to win out against other prospective buyers. Because she had her home sale taken care of, Casey didn’t have to include a home sale contingency in her offer. That was good news for the sellers since they knew Casey was ready to buy and wouldn’t have to wait to sell her own home before they could finalize the sale.

“Not having to make a contingent offer was really great. ” Casey said. “Because I didn’t have to worry about when my home was going to sell, I was able to make a really strong offer on this new house.”

And as a bonus, since Orchard gave her the option of choosing her closing date, Casey could move the closing of her home sale to match the sellers’ timeline. That meant she was able to offer the sellers a flexible closing and easily line up both of her closings for a streamlined experience.

There were multiple offers on the table, but Casey’s competitive offer won over the sellers.

“It was the first offer I made on a home, and it was quickly accepted,” she said.

The final touches

Now it was time to finalize both her home sale and purchase. Casey opted to close electronically in the comfort of her home. Instead of having to drive to a title office and sign a mountain of paperwork, she was able to sign all the closing documents online while video conferencing with a notary.

“Everything was done online, which made it super simple,” Casey shared.

With both sides of the transaction taken care of on the same day, Casey avoided paying for two mortgages at the same time or having to move into temporary housing.

“It was very helpful to line up the closings. I didn’t have to move twice,” Casey said.

Casey opted to lease back her home from Orchard, which gave her a few extra days after her closing to pack up her belongings and move into her new house.

A month after closing, Casey has now comfortably settled in her new home. She’s already put her personal touch on the place, with artwork on the walls and carefully placed decorations. Looking back on the process of buying and selling, Casey is thrilled with how it all turned out.

“I was really worried going into it that it would be super stressful, but it wasn’t,” she shared. “Working with Orchard made it very convenient and stress-free.”

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