How Do I Sell My House? Tips for a Stress-Free Sale

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“How do I sell my house without going crazy?” We’ve all heard how stressful a traditional home sale can be, from the endless open houses to intense price negotiations. The good news is that with just a bit of preparation, you can avoid many of these obstacles. Here are some top tips for a smooth and seamless home sale.

1. See if you’re ready to sell

It’s vital to start your home sale journey by establishing your goal. Are you selling to relocate for a new job? To help you downsize? Or maybe to live in your new dream home? Your home selling goal will guide your decisions throughout the process, so make sure it’s something you’re excited about.

Beyond your motivation for moving, you should also look at your home sale from a financial perspective to see if now is the right time to sell. Do some research or consult a real estate agent to figure out what your home will likely sell for. Then, take that sales price and subtract your current mortgage balance, estimated closing costs, and if applicable, prepayment penalties. This amount is what you can expect to keep at the end of your home sale. If that number is less than what you want, consider delaying your home sale and wait for the real estate market to improve or until you have additional equity in your home.

2. Plan your buy and sell timeline

If you plan on selling your current home and buying a new home at the same time, things can get a little tricky. In a perfect world, you would sell your old home and buy your new one on the same closing date. You can try to negotiate this scenario, but more often than not, one part of the transaction needs to happen before the other.

For example, if you sell your home first, you may end up in a short-term rental and have to put your things in storage while you look for your next house. On the flip side, if you buy your new house first, you’ll likely have to make an offer that’s contingent on the sale of your current home, which is less attractive to sellers. Whatever your situation, make sure to set realistic deadlines for when you’ll need to reach certain milestones in the process, such as completing repairs, finishing house hunting, making an offer, etc.

If you’d like to move without the stress, consider working with Orchard. We’ll help you make a competitive, non-contingent offer on your dream home. Plus, we’ll help line up your closing dates, so you can avoid double moves or overlapping housing costs.

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3. Get your house into top condition

One of the best ways to help attract home buyers and sell your house fast is to make your house move-in ready. The goal is to help potential buyers picture themselves in your home and make them feel confident that they won’t have any trouble with the home later on.

To prep for listing, you’ll need to declutter your home, make general improvements like painting and landscaping, and repair any significant issues in your house.

This process can take up a good chunk of time and money, so plan and budget accordingly to avoid delaying your home sale. If you’re on a tight budget or timeline, consider prioritizing the repairs that matter most to buyers. These include patching holes in the walls, fixing broken windows, replacing broken HVAC systems, and repairing the roof.

4. Vet all potential buyers

Don’t just take the first (or even highest) offer for your house. When deciding between offers, make sure that your prospective buyer has their home financing ready-to-go. This precaution could help speed up the closing process and more importantly, reduce the risk of the offer falling through down the road.

Ask any potential buyers to bring a pre-qualification letter from a mortgage lender, which will show that the lender is willing to finance the buyer’s purchase of your home. If you receive a cash offer for your house, you can request a proof of funds letter instead to confirm that the buyer has the money to buy your house.

At Orchard, we have one goal: to make home buying and selling simple and stress-free. That means removing the hassle and uncertainty that comes with the traditional process, from costly repairs to contingent offers. Thinking about working with us? Get in touch at or call us at (844) 819-1373.

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