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What Happens After I Accept My Offer From Orchard?

Written By: Rich Danner, Customer Experience Manager

January 21, 2019

At Orchard, we help our customers sell their homes through an experience that’s simple, transparent, and hassle-free. If you’ve decided to accept our offer on your house, you might be wondering what’s next. Let’s run through the process from start to finish:

Step 1:  Home assessment & walk-through

Once you accept your Orchard offer, we’ll schedule a home assessment for your home within a few days. You’ll be relieved to know that there’s no need to declutter the house before the assessment! Just make sure that our team can access your sprinkler systems, water heaters, attic, and air handlers. During our assessment process, we’ll be confirming the condition of your house is as we expected and that there are no issues that affect the home’s safety and functionality.

If our assessment reveals any necessary repairs, we can handle everything after you move out and deduct the cost from your offer price. Most home buyers will have one or more inspections done on a home before purchasing, so this process is similar to the traditional home buying process. To move forward with your updated offer, you’ll sign a brief amendment to your original purchase agreement. If you decide to not move forward with the updated offer, you can either make the repairs yourself or cancel the sale at no cost or penalty to you.

Step 2: Title & escrow

Perch Title of Texas, our recommended title company, will guide you through the next steps of the sale. About a week after your home assessment, your dedicated Closing Specialist will reach out to confirm your preferred closing date and start preparing your closing documents. They’ll also contact your HOA and mortgage lender and handle any back-and-forth with them. A few days before closing, your Closing Specialist will be in touch again to set up a time and location for you to sign the closing documents. For your convenience, you can also request to review the final documents before your closing day.

Step 3: Final walk-through

24 hours before closing, the Orchard team will conduct a final walk-through of your home. To ensure a speedy closing, make sure you’ve removed all of your belongings and any trash ahead of time.

Step 4: Closing day

The big day is here! On closing day, you’ll sign the paperwork needed to finalize your sale. You can either sign and notarize the documents electronically or schedule a mobile notary to come to you. Either way, there’s no need to drive across town to sign your paperwork. You’ll receive your funds within the next business day. Congrats, you’ve officially sold your home to Orchard – it’s time to celebrate!

Have other questions about the Orchard process? We’re always here to help. Send us a note at