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Closing with Orchard

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Congrats on accepting an offer on your home! Now that we’re almost at the finish line, there are just a few steps left before we will finalize your home sale. Here are some common questions we hear from customers about the closing process:

What happens right after I accept an offer on my old home?

Once we finalize the agreement with the buyer, we’ll enter the buyer’s option/due diligence period. Orchard will be working directly with the buyer as they conduct their inspection and appraisal of the property. Your Home Advisor will help negotiate any requests for repairs or concessions and keep you updated.

When can I expect to officially close?

Closing typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks once we finalize the agreement with the buyer. While you focus on your new home, we’ll be hard at work behind the scenes those first few weeks.

You may not hear from us every day, but you can always reach out with any questions.

What happens to the proceeds from the home sale?

After we close on your old home with your final buyer, any additional proceeds above your Guaranteed Sale Price minus Orchard’s fee will be wired to you by Orchard Title within two business days.

Any questions we didn’t cover?

Orchard is here to help! If you have any other questions or concerns about your closing, you can always reach out to your Home Advisor.

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