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How Does Selling Your House with Orchard Work?

Written By: Colin King, Customer Experience Manager

February 4, 2019

At Orchard, our goal is to simplify your home sale. That means removing the hassle and uncertainty that comes with the traditional process, from endless home showings to costly repairs to contingent offers. So if you’re thinking about working with us, what can you expect? Let’s walk through how selling your house with Orchard works.

Get an offer on your home

Why Orchard?

A free offer in 24 hours

In a traditional sale, it can take weeks, sometimes even months, to find the perfect buyer. This process can be difficult for any home seller, but it can be even more stressful for those with tight moving timelines (like if you need to relocate for a new job or in time for the new school year). At Orchard, you can escape the offer limbo completely. Just spend a few minutes telling us about your home, and you’ll receive a fair, market-price offer the next business day.

Skip the repairs

To prep your house for listing, you’ll usually need to declutter your home and make home improvements like painting and landscaping. These repairs can take up a good chunk of time, potentially delaying your home sale. If you decide to sell your house with Orchard, we’ll purchase your home in its current condition with no prep work required.

No showings

If you sell your house to Orchard, you can avoid the typical process of showing your home to dozens of prospective buyers. That means no open houses, no staging, no getting the kids and pets out of the house on short notice, and no strangers touring your home at inconvenient times.

Choose your closing date

In a traditional sale, it can be challenging to line up your closing dates for selling your old house and moving into your new one. If you buy your new home first, you’ll have to pay for two mortgages until your old home sells. If you sell your current home first, you may end up paying for temporary housing or storage until you can close on your new home. At Orchard, we’ll close on your timeline, so you can move out on your schedule and avoid any housing overlap costs.

No contingencies

To avoid overlapping housing costs, you might have to make an offer on a new house that is contingent on selling your old home. However, this can make your offer less competitive since sellers prefer bids that won’t fall through, even if it means accepting a lower offer. Working with Orchard gives you the certainty that your current home will sell, allowing you to make a strong contingent-free offer on your next house.

Dedicated customer support

Even if this isn’t your first time selling a house, the process can still be daunting, from dealing with your lender to filling out government paperwork to communicating with your HOA. Your dedicated Orchard Customer Experience Manager is always here to guide you through your home sale, answering any questions you have along the way.

Who is Orchard for?

Orchard is for anyone who wants a simple, convenient, and certain way to sell. While our customers all have a unique reason for choosing to work with us, here are some of the most common types of Orchard sellers:

-- Busy families with kids or pets who want to avoid the hassle of clearing out their homes for open houses and showings

-- Couples who are ready to downsize and enjoy the convenience of a stress-free sale

-- Professionals or military members who need to quickly relocate for work and need the certainty of our 24-hour offer

-- Sellers who have just found their dream home and need liquidity out of their current home to purchase without contingencies

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers have said about their Orchard experience:

“Since I received a job offer in another city, and needed to sell my home fast, this option seemed very logical. The entire process was fast and painless, which is exactly the peace of mind I needed at the time.” - Ray T.

“Most [real estate agents] were pointing out that I would have to fix this and that, hire a stager, and sell at a lower price for a quick sale. Orchard made me an offer on my property that was straight out, as-is, with only a possibility of repairs, after an assessment, and a quick closing (in my own home).” - Gene G.

“I had a house that needed a little more work than usual. Orchard made me a fair offer and purchased the home for an amount I was very happy with.” - Dan W.

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How to sell your house with Orchard

1. Request an offer in minutes at

Provide some information about your home so we can give you a strong offer within 24 hours. We’ll walk you through the offer and an analysis of comparable homes in your area.

2. We send you a market-price offer in 24 hours

No home showings or staging necessary. Accept if and when you’re ready; no high-pressure tactics here. If you want to accept the offer, you can sign the purchase contract. Your offer is valid for 7 days. If you need more time, you can request an offer extension or a new offer at a later date.

3. Sign the purchase contract and schedule a home assessment

We will arrange a home assessment promptly on your schedule. For any repairs that are needed, we’ll adjust our offer and do the work after you move.

4. Close on your chosen date and leave the rest to us!

You choose your closing date – pick any day that works for you in the next 14 - 60 days. That’s it. No hassle. No unknowns.

Have any questions about the Orchard process? Send us a note at

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